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LERN/CECD Postgraduate Workshop

‘Modern approaches to investigating cultural evolution’

>> UPDATE: Photos from this event now up. <<

The schedule for the LERN/CECD workshop has been finalised. Talks will last 15 minutes with 10 minutes after each talk for questions and discussion. Discussion is also strongly encouraged during the coffee and lunch breaks, and the wine reception after the talks. Refreshments, including a buffet-style lunch, will be provided during the day free of charge. Spaces are limited but there is still time to register for attendance, or to submit an abstract for a poster. Deadline for poster submission is Thursday 25th October.

Contact Tom Currie ( to register and for more information about this event.
Click here to download a booklet with the schedule for the day, talk abstracts, and some details about how to get to the workshop.

Date: 9th November 2007, from 9.30-17.30,

Location: Darryll Forde Seminar Room, UCL

This event is free but registration is essential.

Workshop schedule

09:30 Welcome

09:35 Anne Kandler
Social Learning, Income Inequality and New Product Diffusion
10:00 Nicolas Maystre
The Coevolution of Trade and Cultural Diversity: Is the Village Global?
10:25 Monica Tamariz
Adaptation between forms and meanings: Quantifying the effects of learning on cultural evolution

10:50 Tea/Coffee/Discussion

11:20 Hannah Cornish
Language, Learning and Cultural Evolution: An Empirical Approach to Language Emergence
11:45 Gareth Roberts
Language Change in the Context of the Freerider Problem: An Experimental Approach
12:10 Hugo Mercier
Mechanisms of epistemic vigilance and their consequences for the spread of information
12:35 Gordon Ingram
Linguistic displacement and the evolution of cultural norms

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Quentin Atkinson
Frequency of word-use predicts rates of lexical evolution throughout Indo-European history
14:25 Robin Ryder
Modelling and fitting catastrophic rate heterogeneity
14:50 Michael Dunn
Correlated evolution of structural traits of Austronesian languages

15:15 Tea/Coffee/Discussion

15:45 Fiona Jordan
Virtual Archaeology: Using phylogenetic comparative methods to reconstruct ancestral states of cultural traits
16:10 Erick Robinson
The Identification of Mesolithic Heritage in the Early Neolithic of Northwest Europe
16:35 Alex Mesoudi
Using the methods of experimental social psychology to study cultural evolution
17:00 Adam Powell
Demography and the accumulation of culturally inherited skills

17:25 Close

* Information on how to reach UCL by public transport can be found here. Click here to see a map of UCL.