Upcoming Events: Field Trip + Debate

LERN will be organizing a trip to the London Zoo followed by a picnic in Regent’s Park in July (details TBA). Last year, LERN organised a tour of the Natural History Museum’s mammal collection. For information on field trips from previous years, follow the links on the left.

In mid-August/mid-September, LERN will host its second annual debate. This year’s topic will be on epigenetics. There will be a motion and four guest speakers. Two speakers will be asked to present arguments for while the other two will present arguments against. It will be held in the form of a proper debate, with rebuttal time for each speaker and an extensive Q&A session in the end. More details about this event will be available soon. For information on last year’s debate, including videos, click here.

For any questions or suggestion email us at londonevolution@gmail.com