Elephants with “six toes” and a Carnival of Evolution!

Hello everyone and welcome to another year of talk rounds and events from the London Evolutionary Research Network!

We are delighted to announce our first talk of 2012 by Dr John Hutchinson, from the Structure and Motion Lab at the Royal Veterinary College! The talk will be held on March 7th and will have as a title ‘The evolutionary co-option of sesamoid bones for foot support in “six-toed” elephants‘ (nice poster to come early next week). The details of where and when are:

6pm, Wednesday 7th March 2012

Physic A1/3, UCL, WC1E 6BT

And it is FREE!

We have some interesting talks lined up for you this year and, of course, we will be hosting our usuals: student conference, debate, Medawar talk and more! So check this blog (and your emails) regularly so you won’t miss a thing!

Today we would also like to draw your attention to the 44th Carnival of Evolution. In case some of you don’t know, according to the Wikipedia Glossary of Bloggling, a Blog Carnival is:

“A blog article that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic. Most blog carnivals are hosted by a rotating list of frequent contributors to the carnival, and serve to both generate new posts by contributors and highlight new bloggers posting matter in that subject area.

The proceedings for this 44th monthly meeting of the Society for the Blogging of Evolution are already up and this month it is held by The Atavist. It includes a huge array of evolutionary subjects!

The good news is that if you blog about evolution, you can submit your post here, and if you would be interested in hosting the next Carnival of Evolution: YOU CAN! They are looking for hosts every month and you can register your interest by sending an email to Bjørn (bjorn[at]bjornostman.com).

Another piece of news is that, in addition to advertising our events here, we are going to be posting interesting evolution-related topics about new papers, popular topics, and anything else we think our members might be interested in!

We are planning a year full of great talks!

See you guys soon!