Seminar + Conference + Debate

The last few weeks have been really exciting for LERN!

We’ve had our first seminar of the year, by Dr Natalie Cooper from the NHM, who gave a great talk on the extinction of dinosaurs and the radiation of mammals (maybe they are not connected!). She also gave amazing advice to PhD students – turns out we should relax a bit more … and be nice :)

Our conference is next week at Queen Mary. Everything is organised (or mostly) – including the programme, which you can check out here. If you haven’t done so, register because it will really help with the catering. Also, we still have a few slots available for posters!

Finally, our LERN/Linnean Society Debate is coming up (19th of November). We have a great panel lined up, who will discuss if/how/why we should prioritise some species to save from extinction. Please come along!

We hope you will enjoy all these great events! See you all soon!