Upcoming Events: Field Trip + Debate

LERN will be organizing a trip to the London Zoo followed by a picnic in Regent's Park in July (details TBA). Last year, LERN organised a tour of the Natural History Museum's mammal collection. For information on field trips from previous years, follow the links on the left. In mid-August/mid-September, LERN will host its second … Continue reading Upcoming Events: Field Trip + Debate


News: Debate Videos Up!

Dear all, On July 7th 2009, LERN held a debate on group selection in which four eminent speakers in the field discussed the motion: Is natural selection at the group level an important evolutionary force? Stuart West Professor of Evolutionary Biology, University of Oxford Herbert Gintis Professor of Economics, Santa Fe Institute, University of Siena, … Continue reading News: Debate Videos Up!

LERN in 2010

The 2009 LERN year has come to an end. Thank you all for your participation and engagement with our network, and for making this year a particularly successful one! The 2010 committee has been elected, and will be made up of 6 members from a diverse array of academic backgrounds. Our mix of evolutionary perspectives … Continue reading LERN in 2010

News: 7th Annual LERN Conference

The 7th Annual LERN Conference was held on Monday 14th September 2009. Thank you to all those who attended our Annual Conference. Special thanks to the presenters, judges, and our keynote speakers. The quality and diversity of the talks and posters was impressive, with a high standard of presentation, confidence, and good science commented on … Continue reading News: 7th Annual LERN Conference