News: 7th Annual LERN Conference

The 7th Annual LERN Conference was held on Monday 14th September 2009. Thank you to all those who attended our Annual Conference. Special thanks to the presenters, judges, and our keynote speakers. The quality and diversity of the talks and posters was impressive, with a high standard of presentation, confidence, and good science commented on … Continue reading News: 7th Annual LERN Conference


Next Event: 7th Annual LERN Conference

Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum, 14 September 2009 09.30 Registration 09.55 Welcome from the LERN committee 10.00 KEYNOTE: Christophe Soligo , University College London. “Darwinius masillae: Science behind the hype” 10.40 - 11.10 Tea and poster session 11.10 Sexual dimorphism in phytosaurs and its phylogenetic influences (Julien Kimmig) 11.30 The application of molecular phylogenies on … Continue reading Next Event: 7th Annual LERN Conference

Next Event: LERN Field Trip

The 2009 LERN field trip will provide interested members with the opportunity to visit part of the mammalian collection held in the Natural History Museum's basement. Philippa Brewer, curator of the Mesozoic and Tertiary Mammals at the NHM has kindly agreed to give members a tour of the collection with special emphasis on the evolution … Continue reading Next Event: LERN Field Trip