Next Event: LERN/CEE Medawar Memorial Lecture – Matt Ridley

Annual LERN/CEE Medawar Memorial Lecture 'Genes, Culture and Collective Intelligence' by Matt Ridley Date: Wednesday 7th December 2011, 6pm Location: Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL, WC1E 6BT [view map] This event is free and everyone is welcome. * Click here to download a flyer for this event.


Next Event: LERN/CEE Medawar Lecture

Annual LERN/CEE Medawar Lecture 'Bringing fossils back to life: How trilobites lived' By Richard Fortey FRS (Natural History Museum) Abstract: Trilobites were a very diverse group of marine arthropods that are now extinct, and without close living relatives. How can we deduce something about the ways in which these organisms might have lived? Plausible answers … Continue reading Next Event: LERN/CEE Medawar Lecture