Alfried Vogler – The reality of dna-based approaches in taxonomy

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‘The reality of DNA-based approaches in taxonomy’


Alfried Vogler

(Imperial College London & Natural History Museum)

Abstract: The advent of DNA taxonomy and DNA barcoding has stirred up emotions widely among biologists, mainly because of sensitivities in the taxonomic research community and the inadequate evolutionary theory of early procedures. Is there a common ground for these DNA approaches and the traditional taxonomy? This talk will attempt to cut through the morass of opinions and demonstrate the emerging results obtained with DNA-based approaches. What we have learned so far is extremely promising and suggests that taxonomy will be largely based on DNA sequences in the future. However, consensus has not been reached, and this talk will therefore also address the (very short) history of this field and the ongoing battle over funding, recognition, and (occasionally) scientific ideas when a new paradigm emerges.

Date: 4th March 2008, at 18.00

Location: JZ Young Lecture Theatre, UCL