Natalie Cooper – Macroevolution in fossils and living species: were dinosaurs bad news for mammals?

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We’re really excited about our next seminar! The speaker will be Dr Natalie Cooper from the NHM!

Title: Macroevolution in Fossils and Living Species: Were Dinosaurs Bad News for Mammals?

WhereSouth Wing 9 Garwood LT, UCL

When: 20th October 2015, 6PM

Abstract: Macroevolutionary studies often focus either on living or fossil species. However, ignoring one or the other leaves out a huge amount of diversity and therefore may influence our results. In this talk I will present research looking at the effect of the Cretaceous-Palaeogene extinction (where the non-avian dinosaurs went extinct) on mammalian morphological diversity. Using data from either fossil or living species or both gives quite different conclusions on the effect of dinosaur extinction on mammal diversity. I will end by giving some advice for Early Career Researchers about surviving the PhD process and academia more generally!